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Welcome to your wellness and tourism site!

Come on over to the beautiful, warm, southern Spanish region of Andalusia, where we offer you specially planned yoga retreats. You can connect with your natural essence in a simple way, and leave behind all your stress, anxiety, and apathy. You can return to your true sense, and enjoy a life full of smiles, peace, and the ultimate joy of simply being alive!


Renew yourself inside and out through our yoga retreats, which include sports, such as cycling and swimming, and cultural activities, such as flamenco shows and sightseeing. All the remarkable activities we´ve planned for you take place in a multicultural environment, where you will also have the opportunity to connect with others from around the world.


We offer yoga, meditation, and easy exercises to improve your physical and mental condition. During your time with us, you are also given the opportunity to take Yoga/Pilates classes and benefit from individual chiropractic sessions.


Our only desire is to share mind and body wellness with you, through the combination of years of experience in sports training and natural therapies (chiropractic, Reiki), with retreats (yoga, meditation), and a passion for sharing the beauty of Andalusia with others so they can love and experience it too.


Come share some time with us, and enjoy being full of life! sonrisa 2