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Algo sobre mí: 

I don’t think it’s easy to get to know me in some lines, so I will explain you wich are, in my opinion, the 6 main foundations of life:

  1. I believe that balance is the basis of happiness. I mean physical, psychological and emotional balance. This is why the following points are a perfect way to achieve it and they are a must for me.

  2. Regular workout. I have practised sports since I was a child: martial arts (my father enrolled me for Karate when I was 6 and I did wushu too, also known as kung fu), swimming, running, football, triathlon, fitness, scuba diving, ballroom dance and some adventure sports. Now you know that sports have always walked by my side! I love understanding the movement and the body, and that’s why I studied massage. Since that, I have worked as a masseur for 5 years, helping people with their pain and muscular problems.

  3. Healthy diet. While I was in high school I studied an optative subject about nutrition because I wanted to know which food would help me to follow a healthy diet. Little by little I have formed myself in this topic. I have done some courses such as phytotherapy (to be informed of the healing power of many plants). This course was the continuation of my University degree: Agricultural Engineering. My true passion is to understand nature in order to use it in a beneficial way for people.

  4. Meditation. Since I was a child, spirituality and mental development have been important to me. When I was about 10 years old, I used to go together with older people to meditation groups. I still remember my teacher Mercedes. She used to play Enya music and made us reflect on biblical and some other kind of texts. I really enjoyed those lessons and I always wonder why there weren’t more children there. Some years later, I also practised other classes of meditation: zen, Buddhist, Raja Yoga, Reiki, etc.

  5. Yoga. I discovered yoga over 10 years ago, when I participated in a yoga course in Cordoba. That day I understood that it combined all of my foundations and it could even become a lifestyle. Food, workout (asanas), meditation and knowledge. Gradually, I started practising different styles: Hata, Vinyasa, Kundalini, Therapeutic, Pregnancy, Ashtanga, Rocket and Power. I was lucky to meet some masters and I finally got certified in Power Yoga in the International Yoga Alliance through the European Yoga Institute.

  6. Simplicity. Not a long ago, I added this principle to my life and it has gained so much importance. Simplicity allows you to find harmony within yourself, beings and the universe. It prevents you to falling into complications and difficulties and helps you to find total happiness.