Benefits of becoming an organizer

Get new customers and increase your revenue

Find spaces to organize your experience

Contact professionals to develop an experience

Follow these simple steps

  • 01

    Create your experience

    Describe what it is, add photos, videos, maximum number of people, price, etc.

  • 02

    Add the space where the experience will take place or select "On Line" if it is an online experience.

    If you don't have a space, Khalma will help you find one.

  • 03

    Choose the professional who will direct the experience

    If you don't know a professional, Khalma will help you find one.

  • Publish the experience and share it with all your contacts

Are you a professional and don't have a venue for your experience?

No problem, Khalma will help you!

  • Join other experiences that need a professional with your profile
  • Find spaces that fit the experience you're creating

You have a venue but don't know any professionals?

No problem, Khalma will help you!

  • Join other experiences similar to the ones you are creating to make your venue profitable.
  • Find professionals who can direct the experience you're creating.

Join a growing community

We at Khalma believe that our greatest asset is the people who make up our community. We believe in collaborative wellness to help build a healthier and happier world.

Marta & Juan

When we discovered khalma, we arranged a room at home with the purpose of practising pilates with our friends. Afterwards, we contacted a professional through Khalma and since then we practice every Saturday.


With Khalma I can organize yoga classes in the park, change location and time as I need. I already count with some regular groups.

Sergio Crespo

Since I joined Khalma I am making my time more profitable by incorporating more sessions and students in my free time.