General Terms & Conditions


JESÚS MARTÍN MARTÍN (hereinafter, the Owner), is the owner of the website (hereinafter, the Website), registered in Seville (Spain); ID number 28784067G, email [email protected].

The name of the domain through which you have accessed the Website is the property of the Owner. Said domain name may not be used in connection with other contents, products and/or services that are not owned by the Owner or in a way that may cause confusion between the end users to the discredit of the Owner.


This contract on the Terms of Use is intended to regulate the conditions applicable to the programming, development and execution of any experience organized through the Website.


This website is developed respecting what is legally established by the Spanish Data Protection Act in its corresponding section. See Data Protection Policy.


The Service may be used by any registered user.
The purpose of the Service is to facilitate the organization and development of wellness welfare and leisure experiences among Users, Hosts and Professionals.

  • Those who offer a venue in which to carry out an experience will be called Hosts.
  • Those who lead the corresponding experience will be called Professionals.
  • Those who attend the experience will be called Users.
  • Only Hosts and Professionals will be able to organize experiences.

Within Host, we distinguish:

  • Particular-Host: A host who is registered as an organizer and shares a venue for private, non-business use (room, porch, patio, garage, etc.) for an experience.
  • Host-Company: A company that rents their premises with the purpose of carrying out the activities.

Within Professional, we distinguish:

  • Independent professional: They work alone.
  • Company of professionals: A company hiring more than one professional.

An individual or a company can have several roles if they register in all the corresponding fields (available venues) (professionals).
Using the Platform to attend events implies a contractual relationship between Users, Hosts and Professionals. The Platform is limited to facilitating the relationship between all of them (the above) and its purpose is solely and exclusively that of intermediation. Therefore, no liability is assumed by Khalma for possible complaints or claims that have no direct relationship with the Service, especially if said complaints or claims have to do with the organization or development of the experiences.


Any experience published on Khalma’s platform must respect the user community and comply with the following regulations:

5.1. Experiences that, in the opinion of the platform, are not related to wellness, health, leisure or sport shall not be accepted. In any case Khalma reserves the right to decide whether to include or exclude the activity.

5.2. Experiences that could jeopardize any user in a predictable way shall not be accepted. Of course, experiences that may be considered illegal or may incur violent, racist, xenophobic, homophobic and generally discriminatory acts shall not be accepted either. Furthermore, experiences that may contravene the general interests of the platform or its user community shall not be allowed.

5.3. Experiences that may incur damages to third parties, whether these are neighbours, passers-by, businesses or any other, are the sole responsibility of its organizer. Khalma is unable to be in charge of or exercise control over the use of venues or the development of the experiences.

5.4. Any user who considers it necessary to report or warn against any experiences that they deem illegal or inappropriate must notify Khalma by any means they deem appropriate.


Khalma is a community of users interested in enjoying wellness, health, leisure or sport in a new, close and convivial way. Appropriate regulations of behaviour must therefore be obeyed and the spirit of the project must also be respected.

The publication of any element, comment, etc., that may appear obscene, disrespectful or that causes discomfort among the users, shall not be permitted. You must have the rights to all content you publish on our website, be it text, images or videos.

Communication between users until the moment of confirmation of the experience will be via internal messaging of Khalma platform.


Hosts’ and Professionals’ instructions must always be respected in order to carry out the experience satisfactorily.

The schedule established for each experience must be respected. Otherwise, you may not be able to participate in it.

It is strictly forbidden to threaten Hosts or Professionals with leaving unjustified negative reviews.

In the case that there is a complaint about the execution of an event, the platform will be informed so that we can solve the issue.

Each user is personally and exclusively responsible for their health or physical condition, and is obligated to notify both the Website and the Professional that is leading the activity of any limitations they may have for undertaking the experience.

Khalma is not responsible for any damages or contingencies that may arise from the lack of communication of said physical conditions.

The communication between the users until the moment of confirmation of the experience will be via internal messaging on the Khalma platform.


Accessing and navigating on the Platform is totally free and does not require user registration. However, in order to benefit from the Services provided by the Platform, users will need to register and they will be required to provide certain personal information.

Users must ensure that the information they share, both in their Profile and in the published experience, is real and truthful. The Owner does not assume any responsibility before third parties for issues that are not related solely and exclusively to the service provided through the Website.

The Owner reserves the right to cancel or remove user registrations that violate the rules of use or those that, for justified reasons, are considered inappropriate.


The payment for each reservation shall be applicable at the time the User registers for the experience through the platform. The amount shown on the Platform will include VAT and any other applicable taxes. The price shown will be the final price that the User must pay for their reservation. The price does not include any insurance.


Users can post their reviews for the Hosts, Professionals or Experiences they have attended, for the sole purpose of providing relevant and truthful information that may interest other users.

No user should post content that is offensive, unmannerly, false or that in general terms attempts to violate the integrity of another user or the Service itself. Likewise, no user should be coerced into giving any reviews in any sense, be it positive or negative. Should this occur, the user shall report it immediately by sending an email to [email protected] and providing all information they believe is relevant.

In those cases where Khalma considers that any of the above points may have been violated, Khalma reserves the right to remove such comments or even cancel the accounts of the relevant users.


In general, the User who has purchased a reservation shall not be able to cancel said reservation. However, in order to help users to have more flexibility with their experiences, Khalma will return the full amount- except bank commissions- if the cancellation is made at least 72 hours before the experience is due to be performed. The user must inform Khalma via [email protected]

50% if the cancellation is made within 24 hours before the experience begins. Cancelling within less than 24h: they will be not refunded anything.

In case you are not able to attend your reserved activity, you must notify Khalma, as far in advance as possible, by sending an email to [email protected]. This way, Khalma will be able to inform the organizers.

These rules are applicable to all experiences published in Khalma, except for special conditions of the organizers, which you can consult us by asking us in advance.

In case the experience is cancelled by the Host or the Professional, the full amount will be returned to all Users.

In the event of not attending the reserved experience, Khalma must be notified as fast as possible in order to be able to vacate the place by sending an email to [email protected].


Khalma does not assume any responsibility or any obligations, of any kind and under any circumstances, that may be due to the inadequate or malicious behaviour of the Users. Each User is responsible for any action that can incur reprimandable consequences of any kind. Therefore, Khalma and the Platform are exempted of any responsibility.

Likewise, Khalma does not assume any responsibility relating to compensations or costs caused by activities concluded early, accidents, flaws or any other kind of situation that is not related to the correct development and functioning of the Platform and the mentioned Service.

Furthermore, Khalma reserves the right to cancel or suspend the Service in any moment without the Platform or the Company incurring any liability.


Users must verify that any image, video, audio or text that they upload to the Platform are owned by them or available for use and distribution. Once they are incorporated to the Platform they shall be owned by Khalma.

Jesús Martín Martín owns all the content found on, as well as its structure, graphic design, images, video, audio, texts and source code. All of these elements are protected by Spanish Intellectual and Industrial Property Act. It is strictly forbidden the reproduction of all or part of the content of without the previous consent and confirmation given by the Owner

Khalma does not assume any responsibility that may be due to the use of the Website by third parties, and it reserves the right to exercise all means or legal actions that correspond to the defense of Khalma’s legitimate intellectual and industrial property rights.


Khalma reserves the right to exercise all means or legal actions that correspond to the misuse of its websites and contents or against and will pursue any breach of the present Conditions.

The relationship between the User and Khalma shall be governed by the legislation of Spain. All disputes that may arise between the User and Khalma shall be settled in the competent Courts and Tribunals.