What is a Khalma experience?

Organize activities to improve people's happiness and well-being.

If you are a coach, a teacher, or lead socio-recreational activities related to a person's physical, psychological, or emotional well-being, this is your home.

We want to do different things to adapt to demanding tastes.

Let me tell you the 5 REASONS why you should join us ...

New clients will find youNew clients will find you

Finding you on the Internet is not easy. Khalma’s digital marketing strategy means you will be more visible on Google and other search engines.

Publish online experiencesPublish online experiences

Due to the pandemic, activities have changed from offline to online, leading to an exponential increase in the DEMAND for online experiences.

Reservations with secure paymentsSecure payments

Sometimes “circumstances” arise for our clients, and they finally DO NOT attend the events. Plan your services once they have paid for them.

Find spaces to carry out your activitiesFind spaces to carry out your activities

Renting spaces to carry out an activity on that specific date, prices, conditions, etc., is not a quick an easy task. With Khalma, it will be.

Rent your space and make it more profitableYou will find professionals to make your space profitable

If you have a private or business venue and want to get the most of it, you can easily rent it with us.

In addition to all of these benefits!

EXTRA BENEFIT! All this with an initial investment of ZERO!

EXTRA BENEFIT! All this with an initial investment of ZERO!

We know what your time costs, and sometimes the unknown makes us doubt whether or not it is worth embarking on a new opportunity.


Follow these simple steps

  • 01

    Create your experience

    Describe what it is, add photos, videos, maximum number of people, price, etc.

  • 02

    Add the space where the experience will take place or select "On Line" if it is an online experience.

    If you don't have a space, Khalma will help you find one.

  • 03

    Choose the professional who will direct the experience

    If you don't know a professional, Khalma will help you find one.

  • Publish the experience and share it with all your contacts

Do you have space and WANT TO MAKE IT PROFITABLE?

I have a place to rent

Do you WANT TO FIND A VENUE for your experience?

I need a venue for my experience

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