Via Ferrata Málaga - Archidona

    • Archidona Málaga
    • Offered in Spanish and English
    • Max 10 people
    • 50 EUR per person
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    What will we do?

    The Via Ferrata of the Virgen of Gracia, is located in the Sierra de Gracia in the town of Archidona (Malaga).

    The monitors will previously explain to you what you need to know for the excellent development of the experience.

    Once prepared, you will begin the route along via Ferrata. There are no problem areas or big drops. But you will be amazed by the Tibetan bridge you will have to cross, which is 20-30 meters long.

    This route has a total drop of 100 meters approx

    While doing this activity, you will be able to contemplate impressive panoramic views of the old town of Archidona, the Peñón de Los Enamorado, and the Vega de Antequera. 

    Finally, you will arrive at the Sanctuary of the Virgen de Gracia of the IX and X centuries (considered of Cultural Interest), which had Arab origin until it was Christianized. 

    It is undoubtedly a perfect experience in which you will not only have fun and feel adrenaline, but you will also learn a little more about Malaga and its history.

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