Personalized nutritional counseling

    • Online ExperienceThis is an Online Experience
    • Offered in Spanish and English
    • Max 50 people
    • 35 EUR per person
    What will we do?

    I provide nutritional advice in a flexible diet and nutritional education.

    Also, sports advice in routine and explanation of basic concepts to achieve your goals in the simplest way possible.

    In addition to achieving the purpose that you set, the goal is that you settle some basic knowledge in terms of training and nutrition.

    The service will be provided online to access from anywhere and comfortably. 

    In addition, you will be attended to resolve any doubts you may have.

    What do I have to bring? What else should I know?


    Elliot Wilcox

    Continuous monitoring of results Excellent attention and professionalism.

    Wed, 02/02/2022 - 23:36

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