Is it legal to organize wellness experiences in public spaces?

It is possible, but first of all you must consult the local laws and regulations.

In Spain, each city council regulates the experiences in public spaces (parks, gardens, squares, etc.).

It depends on the location where you are planning to perform the experience, you must first consult your local city council and comply with whatever their conditions are, regarding facilities and other services.

Depending on the number of people that will attend, the conditions may vary.

Khalma is not liable for any legal issues that may arise from having an experience in an unauthorized public space or that do not meet the necessary conditions for the experience. See Host Private Collaboration Agreement, Host Company Collaboration Agreement.

What responsibility do I assume when I organize an experience?

Both you and the professional (if you are not taking both roles at the same time) are responsible for the experience.

Before organizing the experience, consider whether your space is suitable for the experience or if it could harm or disturb anyone, both participants or anyone else (neighbours).

If you follow our recommendations, there should be no problems.

However, remember that Khalma does not bear any liability for any of the experiences; hosts and professionals are solely responsible for everything regarding the experiences.

Do I need to have any insurance for my experiences?


Before carrying out any experience, you should check the home insurance policy, premises or whatever space you are holding the experience in, to see if it can cover possible accidents or unforeseen events that could occur to the participants or to third parties.

Please, bear in mind that unexpected events and accidents can occur, so if your current insurance does not cover it, we recommend you get an additional insurance for you, the participants, and third parties.

Remember that Khalma is not liable for any accident or damage that may occur before, during or after scheduled events.

Can I/Should I create invoices?

It depends on whether you are a corporate host or a private host:

If you are a company, you must issue an invoice for the income received.

If you are an individual, it depends on whether the experience is considered income-generating or not.

If the amounts received by the participants are “contributions” for a private experience, it is not for profit, is a non-recurring experience, etc., the money received is not considered income, so you do not have to issue invoices. In this case, you are simply collecting contributions from individuals to organize a private experience.

This does not mean that if someone asks you for a receipt you cannot give them a receipt for their contribution. In any case, if you have any legal or tax questions about hosting the experience in your space, Khalma recommends that you consult a legal or tax professional.

As we have said before, Khalma wants to facilitate communication among the wellness community, but is not responsible for any legal consequences or tax obligations of the parties involved. See Host Private Collaboration Agreement, Host Company Collaboration Agreement.

What if there is an accident during the experience?


If there is an accident during the experience, please take the appropriate actions first, for example calling 112 (THE SPANISH EMERGENCY NUMBER). You can also call an ambulance or police or firestation depending on the type of accident. You must also inform us as soon as possible by phone at +34 644 7717 56, or by sending an email to: [email protected]. However, you should be aware that you and the professional are liable for any accidents that may occur.

Khalma assumes NO liability for any accidents that may occur before, during, or after your experience. You can consult your home insurance policy if you are hosting an event in your home, or have insurance for your business premises if you are conducting it there.

If you prefer, we can supply you with information about any insurance that may be required for the experience, contact us, and we will put you in touch with a reliable insurer.

Is it legal to organize wellness experiences in private spaces?

Organizing a wellness experiences in a private space is completely legal.

All the experiences on Khalma are based on the idea that anyone can organize small experiences in their own spaces and the attendees can contribute with small amounts of money in order for these experiences to be carried out.

After all, it is not much different from when you organize a barbeque at your place and ask your friends to bring something. Of course, you must be aware of disturbing your neighbours and comply with neighbourhood regulations.

In addition, you must follow safety and hygiene standards. Please, read the Conditions of General Use.

You must also comply with the current goverment regulations if:

a) Your experience may be considered as an economic experience

b) You receive financial remuneration

c) The experience takes place regularly.

For any of the above you must consult a tax advisor and register yourself with Hacienda (Spanish Tax Authority) and with the Spanish Social Security office, as well as having all the relevant insurances.