What do I have to do to become a Host?

The host is the person who registers a venue to perform an experience. The venue can be public or private.

Click on the tab "Become an organizer", in the menu at the top of the home page and click on "I WANT TO BE AN ORGANIZER".

Fill in all your personal data in your host profile: ID, address, and a brief introduction telling us why you want to join Khalma.com.

When you click on the button "Become an organizer" you will see a screen with three options:

1) Register my professional profile (If you are also a professional)

2) Register my venue: you can add your venue or a public space (as long as it is legal and you have the necessary permits).

3) I want to keep using Khalma: you can keep browsing the web. Keep in mind that if you want to organize an experience you must complete the professional or space profile before creating your experience.

There is another way of registering as host: You will see that the menu at the top has changed and now there is a new tab: "PUBLISH". In the drop-down menu you will see three options:

1) An experience.- After filling in all the fields of the experience, you will be able to add a venue. Now you can fill in all the fields with your venue.

2) A venue.- Filling in all the fields, you will register your venue on Khalma.com. Once you have finished, the venue will appear in the venue list if you wish.

3) A professional.- If you are a professional, you can also register your profile.

You could also do it by clicking on your username (on the top-right), a menu will be displayed in which you will see two options where to add your space:

1) "Add venue":  You will access the venue creation form.

2) "My venues":  Inside of this page, you will see a bottom "Create a new venue"

Is it free to be a Host and organize experiences? What price plans are there?

There are 3 Host price plans: FREE, GOLD AND PLATINUM.

With the first one, the FREE plan:

 The publication of your experiences and venues is totally free. Khalma takes 20% of the price per booking that will be charged in comission fees for use of the website (minimum fee: 1€ per booking), once the client has paid.

The only limits to this plan are that you can only publish 3 experiences per month and you will not be able to schedule experiences more than 1 month in advance.

There are NO Limits with the GOLD PLAN!:

You will be able to publish as many experiences as you wish, and also you will have the chance to schedule your experiences ONE YEAR in advance. . All of this for a subscription of only 9 €/month!


Includes every benefit of the GOLD PLAN + THE ULTIMATE MARKETING PACK. What does THE ULTIMATE MARKETING PACK consist of?:

1) Your publications will appear HIGHLIGHTED in our list of experiences, so other users will find you easily

2) We will review your texts and improve its copywriting. This way, you will entice your clients, improving your bookings at 20%.

3) We compromise to post one advertisement per week on all our social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn) of your published experience.

4) You will be in our Podcast and Blog "Ahora Bienestar" were you can explain your experiences on Khalma and receive more clients. 

All of this is included in the PLATINUM PLAN for 29 €/month.

Now, as LAUNCH SALE of our website and for you to know us better, you may get our promotion GOLD PLAN for FREE, see our Welcome promotion, you can write to us: [email protected]

What are the benefits of becoming a Host?

By becoming a host, you can perform your favorite experience at your venue: 

1) Choose the professional you like.

2) Meet more people with shared interests.

3) Earn some extra money.

4) Help others who are in the same position as you.

By sharing your venue you can avail of the services (for example Beauty, Therapy, or Sport) provided by the professionals that may come to your home for free or you may even receive a profit.

Sounds great, right? Let your imagination run wild and create your experiences in your venues.

You must reach a prior agreement with the professional as to the maximum number of participants, the fee for the experience carried out in your venue, and what percentage of this fee or benefit you will receive.

Agreements regarding fees will be at the discretion of host and professional without any interference by Khalma.

Khalma does not assume any liability for agreements made between host and professionals regarding fees.

Can a company rent a venue through Khalma?

Yes, there is no problem as long as it is for a legal experience related to mental, physical and/or emotional well-being.

As mentioned before, a host may be a private individual or a professional. As already stated, the host will have to contact the professional to reach an agreement, regardless of whether they are a private host or company.

If you are a company, you should be aware of any applicable social security payments, taxes, etc. Khalma requires that the venue of the experience must be in optimal conditions for the experience. See the conditions in Host Company Collaboration Agreement.

What conditions must my venue have in order to host an experience?

The main priority will be for the health and safety of all participants involved and that it can be adapted to the needs of each experience, regarding the hygiene, size, lighting, noise levels, etc.

These requirements will be assessed by the host and the professional. Of course, Please ensure that the local and neighborhood laws and rules will be followed.

Before organizing any experience, you must read the Conditions of General Use, and the Host Private Collaboration Agreement, or Host Company Collaboration Agreement. (depending on whether you are a private individual or a company).

Is there a limit to the amount of the experiences I can offer?

You can publish as many experiences as you wish, depending on the package you have chosen, it will be subject to some terms and conditions.

Remember that with the GOLD and PLATINUM plans there are NO limits to the frequency and schedule! You can see that in the differents suscriptions.

Who can be a Host?


If you have a venue for an experience, you can become a Host.

The venue can be private (a room, garage, garden, office, etc.) or professional (a business space, sports center, or a hall for rent).

You only need to have the desire to share your venue and enjoy the activities that Khalma helps you to organize.

You can post your venue along with photos, videos and information about the kind of experiences you are interested in, and so on. In addition, you can explore the different professional proposals and contact them to launch their proposals.

Or, if you do not find an experience that interests you, you can suggest one of your own, and other professionals can contact you to launch them.