Are publishing a venue and proposing an experience in my venue the same thing?

No, they are not. When you publish a venue, you can include pictures, videos, comments and even the general availability of days and schedules. The purpose of this is to advertise yourself and make it possible for other professionals to see you and contact you in order to create new experiences in your venue.

Once your venue has been published, you will be able to propose an experience for a specific date and time. Before doing that, we suggest that you take a look at the list of experiences that need a venue, you may be able to talk to a professional about performing an experience in your venue.


Who can see my venue? Is my personal data shared?

Your personal data will not be shared on public. The venue is public on Khalma if it is added to an experience or If you decide to your venue will be shown on the list of available venues. Therefore, other profesionals can contact you in order to create new experiences. In this case, You must register the venue on Khalma and select the following option: "I'll register my venue for my experiences and I want my venue to be visible on the venue list. So that, other professionals can contact me in order to create new experiences together and receive more benefits from it."

The users will be able to make contact with you through the contact form. It will be shown in the profile of your venue. Once the form is completed, you will receive a copy by email, so the user/professional and you can talk.

Can I publish more than one venue?

Of course, If you have more than one available venue for performing experiences, you will be able to add it by clicking on: "PUBLISH --> (A venue)" in the menu at the top of the page. 

Besides, You can add a venue in your profile menu or clicking "My venues". Once you see the list of all your venues, click on the button on the top : "Publish a venue". The more venues that you have published, the easier it will be to collaborate with other professionals to create new experiences.

Can I be host and professional at the same time?

Of course. It is possible if you have a venue and you are also a professional who can run the experience.

You must simply register yourself both as a host and as a professional. In the previous question, we explained how to publish your venue. If you want to publish your professional profile, you can do it the same way: Click on "PUBLISH --> (A professional)" on the menu at the top or on "My professionals" in your profile menu. Once you see the list of all your professionals, click on the button: "Publish a professional". If you have any doubts about professionals, please read the FAQ´s section on Professionals.

If you already have a venue, and you are the professional that is running the experience, publish it by linking both your venue and your professional profile to the experience.

Once the experience is reviewed, you will be able to attract new users for your experience"

Do I have to own the venues I publish on Khalma?


You do not have to own the venue where the experiences will take place.

If you organize the experiences in public spaces, you can publish them as long as you compy with the local legal regulations, regarding the organization of activities in public spaces. If you have any doubts, you must ask the city council to find out if organizing expericences in public spaces is an issue. Remember the liability is yours; Khalma assumes NO legal liability regarding the possible use of a public space for organizing published experiences. If you have any doubts, read Host Private Collaboration Agreement, or Host Company Collaboration Agreement. (depending on whether you are a private individual or a company)

If it is a private venue, a local venue, or a company, and you are not the owner, it is mandatory to have authorization from the proprietor before carrying out the experience. If you live, for example, in a rented apartment, you should check the lease and contact the owner to verify if you can host an activity there. It is recommended to have a signed agreement in writing to avoid any possible issues.

You must always keep in mind the Conditions of General Use. If you do not have the right to use the venue, unfortunately you CANNOT publish the experience on Khalma, and, of course, you CANNOT organize experiences in that venue.

Can I organize an activity in a common area?

You should check with your neighbours first and/or the manager of the building, landlord/lady or anyone that is reponsible for giving permission to carry out these experiences.

You must always follow the building/community regulations and get authorization. Again, Khalma does not assume any liability for any of the experiences published on the website; Hosts and Professionals are solely liable for everything regarding the activity.

How can I get my venues and my published experiences rated?

On the bottom of the profile of the experience, the users will find a section in which they will be able to comment and rate the experiences.

On the bottom of the profile of the venue, the users will find a section in which they will be able to comment and rate the venues. All the comments will be reviewed by the Khalma team. The rating is only available for those who have attended the experiences. Both the professional and the host will be able to rate the other. The ratings help the Khalma community, so it is really important to rate.