Host Company Collaboration Agreement


1. Jesús Martín Martín, as administrator of the website KHALMA, of legal age, with ID 28784067G.

2. The owner/manager of the center where the activity is to be carried out, hereinafter “the company”. 


1. The company has a property that is suitable for carrying out the contracted experience.

2. The experiences can be carried out in the aforementioned building on the dates and times that are published on KHALMA’s platform.

3. The company is solely responsible for the fulfillment of its legal obligations, especially in matters of Spanish Social Security and taxation. Therefore, KHALMA and its representatives shall be exempt from responsibility on these aspects.

4. The company has in its possession the corresponding valid personal insurance and civil liability insurance.

5. The company personally assumes all risks of the experience as well as the possible damages to third parties. Therefore, KHALMA shall be exempt from any responsibility.

6. The company agrees to comply with the operating rules established on the platform in all matters related to the organization, publication of the experience, communication with attendees, execution of the same, and other guidelines established on the platform.

7. The signature of this collaboration agreement and the registration on KHALMA’s website do not entail any costs.

8. It is strictly forbidden to offer advantages to users to receive a positive valuation without it being directly related to the development of the activity.

9. The remuneration shall be agreed between the parties linked to each experience, that is, between the professional and the host, being Khalma exempted from the negotiation and deducting from that amount the commission agreed with KHALMA. That is the Host and the Professional commit to reaching a private agreement through the platform’s chat to distribute the generated profits, deducting Khalma’s commission which will be 20% of the total cost of the experience charged to users at the time of reservation. The minimum amount shall be € 1 per reservation. Plus, there are three types of plans: FREE, GOLD AND PLATINUM:

  • FREE. With the FREE plan, the publication of your experiences and venues is totally free. Khalma takes only 20% of the price per booking that will be charged in commission fees for use of the website (minimum fee: 1€ per booking), once the client has paid. The only limits to this plan are that you can only publish 3 experiences per month and you will not be able to schedule experiences more than 1 month in advance.
  • GOLD PLAN: You will be able to publish UNLIMITED experiences, and also you will have the chance to schedule all your experiences ONE YEAR in advance. This subscription is the only 9€/month!
  • The PLATINUM PLAN includes every benefit of the GOLD PLAN + THE ULTIMATE MARKETING PACK.
    1. We will review your texts and improve their copywriting. This way, you will entice your clients, improving your bookings by 20%.
    2. We will post one advertisement per week on all our social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn) of your published experience.
    3. You will be able to participate in the podcast program “Ahora Bienestar” As a special guest and you can speak about all the benefits of your experience.
    4. All your publications will appear HIGHLIGHTED in our list of experiences, so other users will find you easily.
  • All of this is included in the PLATINUM PLAN for 29 €/month.   

10. Once a user is registered for an experience, any cancellation made by the entity shall result in a penalty in their valuation as host and they will receive a warning within the platform —yellow card—. The entity is obliged to inform the administrator of the platform of the reasons for such cancellation, who, in justified cases, may decide to waive the aforementioned warning.

The accumulation of two warnings shall result in the definitive removal of the entity from the platform —red card—. In the same way, the penalty will be the same if, at the time of the experience, the agreed venue is NOT available in perfect conditions for the performing of the experience.

11. The company undertakes that, once the experience has taken place, any further experience of a similar nature with the same participants will be scheduled via KHALMA’s platform.

12. If any the USERs cancels their attendance at the experience, the cancellation policy and the returning of the money of the non-attendance users will be the following:

  • Cancelling 72h before: they will be refunded 100% of their booking (excepting the commissions of the payment gateways).In this case, Khalma will NOT deposit any money to the organizers.
  • Cancelling 24h before: they will be refunded 50% of their booking.
  • Cancelling within less than 24h: they will be not refunded anything.

In the last 2 cases, Khalma will give to the organizers the non-returned amount, less the 20% commission of Khalma.

13. KHALMA may at any time monitor the planned experience, either in person, by telephone, or by any other means, in order to ensure its proper development.

14. The company undertakes to rent the room in optimal conditions for the development of the experience and for the price agreed with the corresponding professional. All procedures of publication and communication between both users will be done exclusively through KHALMA’s platform.

15.The company grants the rights to information on the activity to be developed as well as images of the center in which these experiences will take place. Khalma will disseminate said elements through online and offline media.

16. The maximum capacity permitted for each experience will be established by the host and the professional. The capacity shall respect the relevant safety standards and comfort criteria applicable to the nature of the experience.

17. Only the location of the facility —street, town, and city— shall be published on Khalma’s website. Once users are registered in the activity and the minimum number of attendants has been reached, all participants will be informed of the complete address and contact details. Therefore, it is not permitted in any case to provide contact information or location details to users before it reaches this status.

18. The entity shall be responsible for the maintenance, cleaning, and liability insurance of the premises, creating labor risks, preventive measures, etc.

19. This agreement does not have a predefined duration. Any of the parties may terminate the agreement at any time it deems appropriate, provided that the experience is completed and there is no pending experience scheduled on the platform by the company.

20. That the parties establish as the address for the purpose of notifications derived from the contractual relationship that appears on the website. For Jesús Martín Martín (Khalma administrator) Sevilla. For the host will be taken the data collected in his profile account registered on the Web KHALMA.

In Seville, both parties sign the present online agreement accepting the aforementioned conditions.